About Mémora

Mission and values



Mémora Group’s mission is to manage the funeral service comprehensively, from the moment of death to completion of the last contracted procedure, treating the families professionally and honestly. To offer a funeral service that includes national and international shipping and management of funeral homes and cemeteries, as well as more human aspects such as grief support and advice throughout all stages of the grieving process. 

Quality and continuous improvement in all proceedings, professional ethics in our relationships with customers, and meeting their needs and expectations are fundamental pillars in the company’s activity, along with strict compliance with current regulations and the image of a leading, consolidated and solvent business group. 

Mémora aims to maintain and strengthen its leadership position in the sector -in terms of both market share and service quality and innovation- and to internationalise the company, by offering an integrated service in Spain and anywhere else in the world with effective and efficient operations, as a benchmark group in the provision of funeral services.


The death of a loved one is always a harsh blow for family members and friends and, with this in mind, we have on hand the best professionals to provide the family with a serene farewell and to support them at this difficult time, while at the same time respecting the will of the deceased, their beliefs, their idiosyncrasies and their desires. We all deserve a dignified farewell.

We are absolutely dedicated, as are the people who form part of the company: offering a 24-hour service 365 days of the year. The staff work responsibly and with a clear commitment towards our customers, with whom they maintain a relationship based on trust.
Gaining the trust of the family means to support them, welcome them, accompany and comfort them. In this respect, it is essential to listen to them and to provide personalised attention.

Innovation is an attitude of continuous improvement in service provision, which is carried out professionally; the capacity to improve and anticipate; and to be able to adapt to social and cultural diversity. Innovation requires a clear commitment to training employees so that they can develop their skills and foster a more open and communicative society with regard to death.
Constant dialogue with various interested parties is essential in order to anticipate needs and to adequately satisfy them.