Documentation processing

Document Processing Plus

Document Processing Plus is a service designed to facilitate obtaining the necessary documentation and dealing with the administrative formalities regarding funerary matters (full death certificate, deregistration from the family book, certificate of last wishes, etc.). Mémora Group offers families a national network of associated agencies who will provide assistance and advice on the necessary procedures. o

Personalised documentary book

When a death occurs, there are several steps and procedures that must be undertaken by the family, such as deregistrations, transfers, notifying changes of ownership with different bodies such as the Post Office, the Property Register, insurance companies, banks, etc. This is why Mémora has decided to offer a service that provides a dossier of already-written letters, and all that is required is the addressee to be added and the letter to be signed. The dossier will be accompanied by a Family Orientation Guide which includes, among other things: information on processing a death, general information about mourning, rights and formalities after death and information about new complementary services.