Supportive Spaces

Mémora Group has created a new concept in funeral offices and support for families, called a Supportive Space. 

The group has two of these spaces in the province of Barcelona – one in the Nou Barris-Horta area and the other in L’Hospitalet –, one in Girona and another in Logroño; we expect to open news spaces soon in other areas where Mémora’s operates. The aim of the Supportive Spaces is to be closer to people and to give support to families when a loved one is nearing the end of their life or when they have already lost someone, and also to professionals who are involved with and deal with these processes on a daily basis. For this reason, we organise lectures and workshops every week for free; you can consult the programm of activities here

Mémora Group understands that families experience a process that is closely tied to the existence and loss of a loved one and therefore require close and personalised attention.

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Supportive Spaces Nou Barris - Horta
Supportive Spaces L'Hospitalet